About Us

KidsBoxingRedline Fight Sports’ Youth Martial Arts

Red Dragons Mission: To train students to value themselves mentally & physically by teaching them to defend & carry themselves as respectable, disciplined & self-motivated individuals.

Martial arts training is invaluable for keeping kids active in the mind & body. This regular coordinated exercise goes a long way in helping them focus their attention at school, at home & in other aspects of their lives. Our classes encourage social & behavioral skills that students can take from the dojo & use to make themselves into stronger individuals in their everyday lives. We aim to provide a dynamic fitness system that safely teaches self-awareness, self-defense & character values for success!

Our youth classes are NOT like the kind you’ll find at your average kiddie-karate dojo. These are real martial arts technique classes, taught by quality instructors, in a safe & structured environment. Redline is a fun & healthy fitness environment that promotes learning the proper technique & values surrounding martial arts. Students are encouraged to conduct themselves as focused, determined, self-confident & self-motivated individuals.  coaches care about helping kids to value their hard work & strive to be the best martial artists they can be! 

Boys and Girls age 6-15 are welcomed to join our team!!