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Here is Drew talking about his son Avery's time with Red Dragons Martial Arts

We pride ourselves on delivering fun and engaging freestyle kickboxing classes that help to develop our members in the Bristol area.  Here is Drew telling us about the benefits of training with Red Dragons Martial Arts.  Avery started as one of our Tiny Titans (for children aged 3-6) and has trained with us since our relaunch in September, he has really progressed and flourished.  He is now an orange belt and I am sure will continue to progress.  We have classes in Bishopston, Horfield and Henleaze.  As he has progressed in his martial arts he has moved up into our Junior program (for children aged 6-13)

We are proud to serve the communities of Bristol.


Tiny Titans Freestyle Kickboxing Course

Martial arts classes for children aged 3-6 years

Red Dragons Martial Arts serves the communities of Bristol, we are located in Bishopston, Henleaze and Horfield.  This program is for children aged between 3-6 years.  We focus on developing listening skills reminding our youngsters regularly to STOP, WATCH and LISTEN to all instructions.  We know just how important it is to improve this skill in school aged children.

As part of our focus on the continuing development of our youngsters we deliver the Champions for Life programme which aims to develop 12 positive characteristics, such as leadership, concentration, self-control, respect.

We encourage all of our members to grade and progress through the grading syllabus.  We are part of the WUMA and use their grading syllabus for freestyle kickboxing.  The grading’s take place every three months and we are always immensely proud of our Tiny Titans when they grade.  They always give 100% and show incredible determination and focus.

Rewarding our members and acknowledging their achievement is really important, we give out regular prizes, Star of the Class certificates, Student of the Week and Star of the Month awards.  We have our Dragon called Roar-y which is taken home by the Student of the Week and their adventures are recorded in the journal and read out in the following class.

We also show off our amazing Tiny Titans in summer fetes in our local community.  We feel it is always beneficial for the people of Bristol to see our awesome Tiny Titans.

We have classes in Bishopston, Horfield and Henleaze. Click on the link below to email and find out more.


Having fun, making friends and learning together in Bristol

This is one of our Tiny Titans classes in Bishopston.  It is important the the youngsters enjoy their martial arts classes.  We have a range of fun and engaging games that the children really enjoy.  These games are great for getting the children warmed up but they also promote important skills like  team work and listening skills.  We also have classes in Horfield and Henleaze.


Warming up our Tiny Titans in Henleaze

We have a wide variety of different techniques that get our Tiny Titans active and engaged in their classes.  Here is one example of a game that we play.


Red Dragons Tiny Titans

Proud to be serving the Bristol community

The Red Dragons Tiny Titans freestyle kickboxing classes are lots of fun.  We work on developing the entire child.  Improving fitness, flexibility and coordination.  Our Champions for Life life skills programme aims to develop positive characteristics within our youngsters.


Our guest Sensei Simone Hopkins

In November we were lucky enough to have a guest Sensei whilst Lloyd was exhibiting his art.


We also have adult classes

Click on the link below to find out about our adult programmes


Red Dragons Martial Arts are now on YouTube and in our channel you will see exclusive videos that can help you continue your martial arts journey at home.  We will be showing tutorials that will support you in your future freestyle kickboxing gradings, pad work tutorials and so much more. Click on the link below to view our amazing new YouTube channel.

Call us: 07779740432

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