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Change your identity

I often have people say to me that they wish that they could be as fit as me and I always have to have a little internal chuckle at this. I find it funny because I have severe asthma and around 5 years ago I had to endure 3 spinal surgeries meaning that I was virtually bed bound for 18 months.

Throughout my recovery I knew that I would be getting back to training. I knew that I would push myself because I am a martial artist and that’s what martial artists do. My training philosophy comes from my trainer the legendary Graham Brockway. I push myself and train the way that suits me best. Now I’m not saying everyone should train like that. All I’m saying is that people should train.

We have just finished the new year new me phase and many people who started the year with the best of intentions have found it very difficult to meet their goals and have stopped. I think a lot of people struggle to stay on the path because they frame their goals incorrectly. People often say I’m going to try and get fit. I honestly feel that a little tweak to goal setting will change the trajectory of the goal. Commit to creating an identity that is wrapped up in the desired goal. So for me I started learning guitar last year and I absolutely loved it so I decided that I was a guitarist and what do guitarists do? They practice, they take lessons and they commit to getting better and that is what I have done. I’m in no danger of taking the stage at Wembley Arena anytime soon but I’m improving through consistent hard work and practice.

So tweak your goals and wrap an identity around your desired outcome. Instead of the wishy washy stuff of I’m going to try be someone whose actions are wrapped up in a positive identity that will shift you into developing new habits.

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