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Developing Heroes of all Ages

Red Dragons Martial Arts is a Bristol-based Martial Arts school currently found in four locations in Bishopston, Henleaze, Horfield and Yate.  We are committed to developing our members both physically and mentally.  We deliver a brand of high energy disciplined fun. 

Our mission is to deliver fun and engaging martial arts classes for children and adults to the communities in Bristol.  

Martial arts is an ideal way of developing fitness and increasing flexibility, coordination, strength and fitness.  We have a wonderful life skills programme called 'Champions for Life' which aims to develop positive characteristics within our children.

We are a freestyle kickboxing club, our Sensei is a former 2x World Kickboxing champion, we grade under the WUMA and we follow their grading syllabus.

For more information about the WUMA go to their website.


Our Story

This is a spotlight on our instructor.  Lloyd is a former two times World Kickboxing champion.  He has been involved in martial arts for over 30 years.

Lloyd has competed at the highest level and has won a number of kickboxing titles during his career, these include 2 World Titles, an Intercontinental Title, a European Title, a British title and two Welsh titles.

During his 30+ years in martial arts, Lloyd has been inducted into the WUMA martial arts hall of fame twice.  Once as a competitor and once as a coach.


As a martial arts coach, Lloyd has helped transform the lives of countless young people and Lloyd is incredibly passionate about increasing the number of black belts in Bristol.

Lloyd has been a secondary school science teacher and pastoral lead for the past 15 years in a local Bristol school.  He is committed to developing young people and ensuring their success.

Contact us if you are interested in starting or continuing in a life changing & hugely beneficial journey with us.

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Meet The Team

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