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What we teach and how we teach

Red Dragons Martial Arts serves the communities of Bristol, we are located in Bishopston, Henleaze and Horfield. This programme is designed to give a full and varied education in freestyle kickboxing.  We focus on delivering fun sessions that improve all aspects of the individual.

We ensure that the training caters for all levels of experience and fitness.  We pride ourselves on our inclusive and friendly atmosphere.  Each class will follow a basic pattern, we warm up thoroughly at the start.  We will then go into the main part of the class and this could take a number of different routes.  We will always focus on getting the technique perfect.  We work the focus pads and kick shields and develop our skills and technique through a variety of drills.  We wil usually conclude with some form of exercise (the adults really enjoy this part) and we will always finish with a good stretch out.

We hold our Gradings regularly (approximately once every three months) and we grade under the WUMA (  The Grading is always an incredibly inspiring event, everyone works really hard and puts maximum effort in to attain their next grade.

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