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My Martial Arts Journey - Lloyd Lewis

I started martial arts at the age of 17. I was incredibly skinny, I had severe asthma (which resulted in many stays in hospital) I was bullied severely. I started martial arts simply to get stronger and control my asthma. Little did I know that it would become such a massive part of my life.

I still remember walking into the gym and meeting my trainer (the legendary Graham Brockway). The first class was really tough and I struggled throughout and didn't complete most things. There were so many people there and they were all so good. Above all though I loved it. My trainer will tell everyone that when I walked through the door he thought I would last two weeks, this year I am celebrating 30 years involved in martial arts. I came back for the next class and really enjoyed pushing myself, there were many times when I couldn't walk without my legs shaking. I had my first fight within three months and I won my first title within five fights. In total, I won two world titles, a European title, an intercontinental title, a British title and a Welsh title. I also twice won the WUMA European and World games, I am currently a black belt 4th Dan and I have been inducted into the WUMA Hall of Fame twice and I have also been inducted into the Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame.

UPDATE 10th May 2022

So everyone in my martial arts school has noticed that over the last few months the training has somewhat intensified. I have been getting myself in shape ready to receive my next grade. I was awarded my 5th Dan black belt and with that, I also received the title of Master. This came as a huge surprise for me and I remember when I was training and competing I used to read a lot about the masters in the martial arts press. I used to really look up to them and now I am one of them. This was such a massive honour. I even treated myself to a new black belt. My first new belt in probably 27 years.

I am also delighted with how my martial arts school is growing and we now have a wonderful leadership team and we have opened another school in Yate with one of our instructors Josh. I am so pleased to be sharing our brand of martial arts with others in Bristol. Josh is a great instructor and I feel really proud that he is delivering our classes abs sharing our ethos.


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