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Martial Arts: What are the Benefits for Kids?

How do regular kickboxing classes help to develop young minds?

Children today are so lucky. I remember when I was a child (in the dim and distant past) and there just wasn’t the choice of activities that exist today. So parents and children are spoilt for choice.

So why choose martial arts for your children? Well I know I am biased but I think martial arts classes offer so many life skills and benefits that help to set up children to become successful adults.

Developing a Robust Mindset

Firstly, martial arts is not about teaching children to punch and kick each other in the head. It encourages an attitude of resilience. A child that can stick to and complete a task is to be encouraged. In a world where we have so many opportunities to quit, someone who grits their teeth and finishes (regardless of whether they have won or not) stands out.

Martial arts training really does develop this never quit, never give up mindset. We have had children ages as young as five in tears pushing themselves to complete grading. A five-year-old! Pushing beyond the boundary of tears and finding out a lot about themselves. Finding out that being resilient and having a strong mind brings meaningful rewards. Children who learn that lesson I believe have a huge advantage going forwards.

Learning to Make Mistakes

Martial arts classes also teach children to take risks and make mistakes. This world that we live in is full of challenges and those people that can meet these challenges head on are the ones that will stand out. We all know that we can’t always get what we want and we also know that sometimes the important things that we want take time and we will make mistakes. So understanding that learning through failure (is there actually any other way to learn, I genuinely believe if you aren’t making regular mistakes then you are not being challenged and therefore you aren’t learning) is vital to making progress in whatever goal we set ourselves.

“My son has been attending Red Dragons for a couple of years now and he still looks forward to it every week. Sensei is amazing with all the kids - he somehow manages to perfectly balance each class with new skills and lots of fun. This is definitely the dojo to come to!” Amy Manley, Parent

Working Hard to Achieve Goals

The grading system in martial arts really shows that if children work hard, focus, and set a goal they can achieve amazing things. Most schools will have their grading events on a calendar and the children all work hard (in the dojo and practicing at home) to progress on their journey to black belt. The look of pride on the children’s faces is so wonderful when they are successful. The lessons that they learn are powerful.

Learning to Lead

One quality that is undervalued when it comes to martial arts training is that of leadership. I think that martial arts training encourages children to be leaders in their own lives. For me being a leader means having the confidence to take risks, to speak one’s mind and share their opinions (for some children putting their hands up in class is a huge win).

Forming New Relationships

One thing that the pandemic and imposed isolation showed was our need for social interaction and martial arts training is a wonderful way to develop relationships and make lifelong friendships. I have been so pleased with how encouraging our members are to each other. Hearing children offering support and advice is incredible.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more obvious benefits from martial arts like improved strength and flexibility and self-defence, and the appreciation of how important health and fitness is. Here at Red Dragon’s Martial Arts School in Bristol, we base each lesson on the principles mentioned here and we continue to be amazed at the tremendous progress we see in our students. Contact us now to book your free trial!


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