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Creating confidence through martial arts

What can you get from a martial arts class? This is an interesting question and one I am often asked. Having just finished another busy Saturday in Filton Avenue Primary School Summer Fair and seeing just how amazing my members are, I think it is obvious what you can get from martial arts.

Firstly you will get whatever you put in. If you engag

e fully in the ethos of your martial arts school then you will develop in so many ways. I am sitting her typing this feeling incredibly proud of all my members. Over the last few weeks we have been in a variety of locations across Bristol involved with our local Primary Schools performing martial arts displays. I must confess that I don't find it difficult to talk in front of a large crowd now but when I was younger I was incredibly shy and totally lacked confidence. When I was 17 I discovered martial arts and this was when my life started to change. My Sensei Mr Graham Brockway has had such a profound impact on my life and the lives of all he has trained. He helped me develop a sense of self-belief and a positive attitude. Martial arts is an ideal way to get fit. It is also a fun way to get fit.

Now I reflect on the last few weeks we have had a number of our members (youngsters and adults) getting up on stage and so far out of their comfort zone. It is inspiring to see people do this. It is no secret that martial arts can help you develop a sense of confidence. As I progressed through martial arts I definitely remember developing a sense of self-belief and self-confidence. My Sensei trains one way and that is always really hard. Being trained like that helps you recognise your power and strength. It is a real pleasure for me to be able to see my members improve week in week out. I love to tell people how they have improved and it is nice to see them internally acknowledge this. I really value the self-discipline that martial arts can give an individual. This is such an important characteristic to have as an adult. We live in a world where things can be very instantaneous, people want things now. Having the discipline to be able to wait for things, to work hard for things is so important. As I have mentioned in Red Dragons martial arts we work hard and I think this is important for children to value the importance of hard work. In life many things that are worth getting are hard earned.

When you achieve your grades and progress up the grading syllabus you begin to develop a great sense of self-respect. Just a bit of a ramble from me, What have we covered? So at the moment we have: Physical fitness Self-belief Work ethic Discipline Self-confidence Self-respect


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