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Red Dragons Martial Arts

During the Coronavirus 19 outbreak we are fully committed to our members and we have decidied to move our classes online.  Our members are having an incredible time and are really enjoying the new format to their classes.

We are a Bristol based Martial Arts school committed to bringing our members the absolute best in martial arts.  We teach freestyle kickboxing and are a part of the WUMA. We currently have classes in Bishopston, Henleaze and Horfield.

We are proud to serve the community of Bristol 

We wanted to commemorate the lock-down by creating a video of our amazing members who stayed with us and improved their martial arts (many actually progressing onto their next grade!)  You will find the video below. We are so proud of all of our amazing members.

At Red Dragons Martial Arts School, we strive to empower students to tackle challenges and take on new experiences. Below you’ll find the information you need about our courses, our team, or our methodology. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us today.



Our members are really enjoying our online classes.  We run classes 6 days a week and provide a range of classes for children and adults.  On Sundays we have our Sunday Spectacular classes which provide fun fllled themed classes.  We have had Superhero Sunday, Sci-Fi Sunday, Moustache Madness and Make up madness.  Mondays is all about motivation, on Tuesdays we really push oursleves, wednesdays we focus on developing our technique.On Thursdays we have a circuit and Fridays we work on our fexiblity.


We are proud to be affiliated with Bullied to Blackbelt

Did you know that ‘Over HALF of all children are bullied’ (GUARDIAN), ‘Bullied children are three times more likely to self harm’ (NHS UK) and some kids can’t cope and don’t get the support they need and it ends up in tragedy with over 900 young people committing suicide last year with bullying being identified as one of the key factors (MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY)

We at Red Dragons Martial Arts are extremely proud to be affiliated with this wonderful charity.  We take bulling very seriously and hope that we can help more Bristol childtren in the future.


About Red Dragons Martial Arts School

Red Dragons Martial Arts is a Bristol based Martial Arts school currently found in four locations in Bishopston, Henleaze and Horfield.  We are committed to developing our members both physically and mentally.  We deliver a brand of high energy disciplined fun. 

Our mission is to deliver fun and engaging martial arts classes for children and adults to the communities in Bristol.  

Martial arts is an ideal way of developing fitness and increasing flexibility, coordination, strength and fitness.  We have a wonderful life skills programme called 'Champions for Life' which aims to develop positive characteristics within our children.

We are a freestyle kickboxing club, our Sensei is a former 2x World Kickboxing champion, we grade under the WUMA and we follow their grading syllabus.

For more information about the WUMA go to their website.

For more information about our venues click in the link below.


Click the link below to look at our timetable.


Sensei's Superstars

We value our members and we reward them for their awesome effort.

Proud to serve the people of Bristol 

We have a variety of different ways to reward our members.  Star of the Class, Student of the Week and Star of the Month are just some of the ways in which we acknowledge the hard work and effort of our amazing members.


Red Dragons Martial Arts are now on YouTube and in our channel you will see exclusive videos that can help you continue your martial arts journey at home.  We will be showing tutorials that will support you in your future freestyle kickboxing gradings, pad work tutorials and so much more. Click on the link below to view our amazing new YouTube channel.

Red Dragons Martial Arts School in Bristol News

You can find the latest Red Dragons Martial Arts news here.  Find out what we have been up to in classes and in the local Bristol community.



We are really proud to say that we have been recognised as the BEST NEW BUSINESS in the recent MABTA awards.  Lloyd was presented the award by Gordon Burcham at the recent awards. 'We are absolutely over the moon at receiving this award, it was totally unexpected and there was so much competition out there with so many incredible martial arts and kickboxing schoools out there.  It is a real honour to receive this award.'


Video testimonial from Russell

Are you nervous about starting martial arts?  Then listen to Russell who felt exactly the same way.  Russell has trainined with us for nearly one year and is currently working hard for his green belt in freestyle kickboxing.  

As Sensei always says, "Before you can be good at something you first need to be brave." 


Timetable for all RED DRAGONS CLASSES


Meet our Instructor

Find out a little bit more about our instructor Lloyd Lewis.  Lloyd has been involved in kickboxing for 30 years and has had a successful career in martial arts.


Our adult kickboxers working hard


Get in Touch

We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us with questions or special requests.

Bristol, UK

Call us: 07779740432

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The Answers You Need


Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we do.  We offer a weeks free trial.

What age do you start?

Our preschool Teeny Titans classes start at 2.5.  Our Tiny Titans classes are from 3 - 6.  Our Juniors classes are for 6-13.
Our adults classes start at 13 years of age.
Our ladies course is for over 18's.

Do I need to be fit in order to start?

Absolutely not.  Martial arts is about personal progression and you do't need to be super fit to start.  In fact we take all levels of fitness and it is truly inspiring to see our members develop their fitness through our kickboxing programs.

What do I need to wear for my free trial?

The important thing is that you are comfortable so we suggest that you wear something comfortable.  A t-shirt, jogging bottoms and trainers are suitable attire for martial arts.

What martial art will I be learning with Red Dragons?

We are a Freestyle Kickboxing school and we are under the WUMA.  Our Sensei has been involved in martial arts for over thirty years and has won numerous titles including two WUMA full contact kickboxing titles.

When can I grade?

We are a freestyle kickboxing club and we are part of the WUMA.  We grade using their freestyle kickboxing g syllabus.  Typically at the gradings are more frequent when you start, once every three months up until green belt then the gaps tend to be longer due to the amount that needs to be taught and the complexity of the syllabus.

Can I compete?

The short answer to this is yes, The longer answer is when Lloyd thinks you are ready.  Lloyd is a former two times world kickboxing champion and has year of experience in martial arts.  He knows what is needed in order to compete successfully.  It takes time and lots and lots of hard work.

Call us: 07779740432

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