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The Benefits of Martial Arts

What benefits will you get from a martial arts class? This is an interesting question and one I am often asked. Having just finished another busy Saturday in Filton Avenue Primary School Summer Fair and seeing just how amazing my members are, I think it is obvious what you can get from martial arts.

I owe so much to martial arts, it has made me the man I am today. It made me a champion, it made me a competitor and it gave me the strength of character to face some of the greatest challenges in my life.

I have asked a number of martial arts experts the following question:

What are the biggest benefits that martial arts has given you?

Their answers will be posted when I receive them but here is my response to that question.

Martial arts has given me a determination to succeed at everything I do. I don't like to accept second best, I always want to improve and get better. It has given me an appreciation of hard work. So many things in life that are worthwhile are difficult, they require hard work. Martial arts has made me disciplined, I am regimented with regards to getting tasks done and I am more than happy to defer gratification in order to achieve what I have set out.

Martial arts has also given me courage, the courage to stand up when things arent right, the courage to face serious health concerns and come out the other side fitter and stronger both physically (still a work in progress) and mentally.

Thank you very much to Richard Hopkins (9th Dan Black Belt, President and Founder of WUMA, Martial Arts Legend) for answering my question.

Martial Arts have given me personally not only Focus, Fitness, skills and Goals but Respect for myself and those around me. In fact it saved me back in the early 70's over 40 years ago as i was a Hell's Angel getting into lots of trouble along with many gang fights. By 1980 i was training in Kung Fu, Karate and the new Kickboxing that entered the UK and didn't have time for gangs as i was always training or travelling to compete. I competed up until 1995. In 1989 i started the WUMA (World United Martial Arts Federation) which grew and grew every year. I had at last found something I could devote my life to. To date WUMA has over 1200 clubs within the UK and 67 member countries. So the benefits I have from Martial Arts have gone far beyond the norm i have been a very lucky man. Martial Arts has also given me world travel. In the next few weeks I am taking a team to compete in Switzerland then teaching Seminars in our clubs in Malta. All due to my beloved Martial Arts. My message to you is train hard and consistent and i promise that you will fulfill your goals, achieve your ambitions and most of all conquer your dreams.

Here is our next martial arts expert, Sonny Perez, legendary Thai Boxing instructor who trains elite fighters. and Here is his answer to my question.

Benefits martial arts have given me:

1) physical benefits : I wasn't very coordinated as a child, martial arts have really helped improve my coordination.

2) sense of belonging : I'm mixed heritage and have felt part of the muay thai community, 'One World, One Muay Thai'

3) Fitness and nutrition. Martial arts have really helped me to improve my fitness and nutrition.

That is it for now. I will post more answers from the martial arts experts when I receive them.


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