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New: RDMA Class Bolt-Ons

Come and take your kickboxing and fitness to the next level with our trained experts.

Sparring Masterclass - for endurance, technique & power

Who should attend: Attend regular weekly classes and want to devote some time to improving your sparring technique? This class is suitable for everyone regardless of grade.

If you are thinking of competing then you must attend. Also green belts and higher should try and attend as regularly as possible.

About the class: This class is an ideal place to improve your martial arts skills. This class will focus on developing the necessary skills to soar effectively. We will cover a range of things including footwork, defence, phases of attack, combination work and fitness. In this class, we focus on controlled sparring and no one will be permitted to hit hard.

About Lloyd: a former two times world kickboxing champion who has competed at the highest level. Currently a black belt 5th Dan. He has over 34 years of practical knowledge of full contact competition.

When: 2nd Sunday of the month

Conditioning Class - for flexibility, agility, power & stamina

Who should attend: You’re training hard but feel your fundamental strength, flexibility or stamina is letting you down? This class is aimed at beginners to intermediates who want to gain an advantage by getting more flexible and powerful.

Suitable for Level 2 members and up plus also for parents who want to improve overall fitness and flexibility!

About the class: A blend of HIIT, Pilates and bodyweight strength training along with bespoke advice for you to take away to increase the effectiveness of your own workouts.

About Stef: I'm a qualified Pilates Coach & Massage Therapist and working towards becoming a qualified Personal Trainer. I'm soon to be a Kickboxing Sensei, starting up a weekly ladies' class - more detail to come. I love to help people with strength, posture and flexibility to become more powerful and agile. I specialise in working with martial artists and women aged 35 plus and offer 1:1 and group sessions. Please get in touch if you're interested in conditioning or joining my ladies' kickboxing class or 1:1 coaching!

When: Last Sunday of the month (first class is 22nd Oct)

Running Club - for stamina, speed, toning & technique

Who should attend: You feel as your fitness is struggling to keep up with kickboxing, sparring and grading exercises. The running club is aimed at anyone including absolute beginners to running and anyone who clocks miles each week. Running will give you the edge in your martial arts as opponents start to fade.

About the class: The class will be mainly running including any abilities and levels. I can get you from 0 to 5k, train to increase your speed and stamina and explore interval training, hills, tempo runs and progression runs. The Thursday sessions will be aimed especially at mums and anyone who would like to gain confidence, tone up and enjoy being fit again.

About Jolana: I’m a qualified gym instructor and currently completing a LiRF (Leader in Running Fitness) qualification and training towards becoming a Personal Trainer. I’m studying an Understanding Nutrition and Health course and completed L1 Cycling and Fitness Performance. I also offer 1:1 or small group running sessions for any level - email us for details if interested 😁

When: Tues 7am & Thurs 9.15am fortnightly

Email to ask any questions. Or just turn up!


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