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Party in the Park - Thanks to our Red Dragons who took part!

On Saturday 10th September the Red Dragons descended on Party in the Park, a wonderfully busy event with a variety of activities and displays throughout the day.

A large number of brave Red Dragons turned up to help deliver Master Sensei’s mission: ‘to deliver a lesson to as many unsuspecting bystanders as possible’.

The Red Dragons took the field and after Master Sensei overcame his crippling shyness (?!?) the display started. Many of the crowd were successfully enticed to come and have a go and we were all really encouraged to see our team grow throughout the display as a constant flow of people joined in the activities; starting with a fantastic set of stretches from Sensei Kelly, then Master Sensei executing a vigorous warm up straight into the martial arts and finishing with everyone performing a jumping front kick.

It was absolutely wonderful to see so many people pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones. Taking risks and is an important part of life and if we don’t take courage we won’t make progress in the things that inspire us. Thank you so much to all that came and took part on the day!

Keep an eye on our blog for info of upcoming Red Dragon Events!


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