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Red Dragons attend Charbourgh Road Primary School and Ashley Down Primary School Summer Fairs

On Saturday 23rd June Red Dragons Martial Arts went on a whistle stop tour of Bristol. We were invited to attend two summer fairs at the same time! Sensei thought that this was a great problem to have and we spilt up. Mrs Sensei was stationed at Ashley Down Primary school whilst Sensei took a display team to Charbourgh Road Primary School.

At Charbourough Road we performed the Jungle Run and we had amazing demonstrations from one of our amazing Preschoolers in Hope Gainard. Then Frank Jelbert showed how amazing he is by delivering a wonderful display of martial arts.

Then our Juniors took to the mats and they were absolutley incredible. Oliver and Jessica Beesley, Fergus Lewis, Una Muller and Elizabeth Bogue. The display was well received and earned a hearty round of applause. One of the highlights of the day was thta the display team got to meet some Stormtroopers.

At Ashley Down Primary School Mrs Sensei ran a wonderful competition that engaged all of the children involved. When Sensei returned he donned the Dragon suit and performed some jumping kicks on the kick shield. Mrs Sensei and Sensei would like to thank everyone who supported them. Particularly team Bogue and Martin and Nicole.

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